The Retiree Center staff has been busy thinking of ways to stay connected both to the university, and to one another. We've thought of two activities we can try: 1) a book club, and 2) a technology lesson on using Zoom meetings. We've prepared a short survey so that you can tell us if you would want to join us in either of these activities.

With these activities, our goal is to connect retirees based on shared interests and offer an opportunity for others to explore new genres. Additionally, we hope to provide detailed presentations on how to navigate zoom so that we can foster insightful and stimulating discussions. And while we are at it, we've added a third question, and opened it up to you to tell us what virtual programming you would be interested in. 

To make it easy to complete the survey, we have kept it to only six questions. Once we know who is interested, we will reach out with additional questions so that we can further determine what services are desired. This will allow us to build focused book club groupings, and separately, levels of Zoom instruction.

 We will compile results by June 11 and begin planning our next events and activities with your feedback in mind.