Services Available to UC Davis retirees

Retiree Services

The UC Davis Retiree Center is a contact point for retirees of the University of California, Davis and for retirees from other campuses who live near Davis. Some of the services available to UC Davis retirees are listed here.

Retiree Identification (ID) Card

Updated August 2022

The Shared Services Organization (SSO) now provides online services for ID card printing. Your card will be mailed to your home address.

UC Davis ID cards are extended only to staff and emeritus faculty who retired from UC Davis and are receiving monthly benefits from University of California Retirement System (UCRS) or who elected a lump-sum cash out. If you retired from another UC campus you are not eligible for a UC Davis identification card. To get a copy of your retirement please log-in to your UCRAYS account to print your statement.  

The retiree ID card provides access to campus resources such as the library, and Activities and Recreation Center (ARC), as well as discounts at campus venues such as the Mondavi Center. General information can be found here:

To request an ID please send an email to employeeid@ucdavis.eduPlease include ALL of the following information with your request:

  •  A professional photo in a (.jpeg file) format. The photo should be taken in front of a background that is white or off-white.
  •  Your UC Path employee ID number or former ID number. (This is an 8 or 9 digit number and is not the Kerberos login.)
  •  Your full legal name. Only legal names can be placed on cards.
  •  If you are a retiree, we require proof of retirement via a retirement confirmation letter (mailed from UCRS when retirement is confirmed) or direct deposit/SurePay pension statement (downloaded from the UCRAYS website).
  • Your home mailing address and phone number.
  • Required documents:

For more information, contact the Shared Services Desk:
   Telephone: (530) 754-4772


Retiree (RT) parking permits

*Update - New process for retiree parking will begin August 1, 2022*

 Please see further details here: Transportation Services- Parking for Retirees and Emeriti

Retiree email

Many factors play into whether or not retirees may retain their email account and/or address. 

  • Davis campus emeriti/ae—emeriti/ae may arrange with their department to retain their UC Davis email addresses.
  • Davis campus retired staff— this is no longer a service provided for UC Davis staff retirees as February 1, 2024.  
  • Sacramento campus faculty and physicians emeriti/ae—emeriti/ae with a business purpose may arrange with their department to retain their UC Davis email addresses.
  • Sacramento Campus Retired Staff—Unfortunately, email accounts for health system retired staff are disabled upon retirement due to HIPAA regulations and there is no provision for continued email for retired UCDH staff.

For more information, contact the IT Express Computing Help Desk directly at:
   Telephone: (530) 754-HELP (4357)

UC Davis libraries

Retirees are eligible for similar levels of services as when they were current employees. A library bar code will be applied to the retiree's AggieCard. Privileges for retired staff must be renewed annually; privileges for emeritus/a faculty do not expire. For more information, contact the library directly at:
   Telephone: (530) 752-6561


Are retirees from other UC campuses eligible for any services and discounts?

Retirees from other UC campuses or the UC Office of the President who live in the Davis vicinity are eligible to receive services from the Retiree Center and to join the UCDEA and/or UCDRA (as applicable). Retirees from other UC campuses should inform the Center of their contact information. Retirees from other UC campuses must join either the UCDRA or UCDEA to be eligible to receive a complimentary retiree (RT) parking permit from Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS). The Retiree Center will work with TAPS to assist you in obtaining this benefit. Some campus units offer retiree discounts to those from other campuses.

Are lump-sum payees eligible for any benefits?

Retirees who take a lump-sum payout are not eligible to continue any health and welfare benefits, receive the one-time death benefit or convert sick leave into service credit. However they are eligible to receive services from the Retiree Center and to join the UCDEA and/or UCDRA (as applicable). Lump-sum payees can also obtain an AggieCard and are eligible for complimentary parking passes, library privileges, and retiree discounts at campus units.

How does one access the library on-line?

Only emeriti/ae professors qualify for a full computing account and therefore access to the on-line library databases. Retired staff who are working for a department in retirement can be sponsored by the department using the Temporary Affiliate Form. Depending on one's affiliate classification, the Library may grant access to the on-line databases.

The Library is under strict contracts as to who can access their databases, so visiting scholars, researchers, students, Open Campus students, University Extension students and many others do not qualify and cannot access those databases even though they all have Kerberos accounts. If it is found that UC Davis is in violation of the contracts access to those on-line databases can be permanently revoked for the entire campus.