Due to a shift to remote operations at the Retirement Administration Service Center due to COVID-19, new guidance has been issued for any employee seeking to retire between now and July 1st, 2020. Please review the PDF attachment below. 

Most importantly, the primary step to start the retirement process has changed due to RASC employees working remotely. We have linked the updated guidelines above (2 page PDF) but please note the following:

  • Mailing in your Request for Retirement Initiation Packet is NOT currently a viable option
    • If you previously mailed in this document in March and did not receive your personal retirement profile in the mail, we strongly recommend you resubmit following the new guidance to ensure it is received and processed.
      • If you did receive your retirement profile in the mail and completed the election worksheet, please submit the completed version via Secure Messaging on UC RAYS or via Fax using the number listed below.
    • Because UC Retirement Administration Service Center employees cannot access the mail, mail-ins won’t be opened and processed until the RASC reopens its physical location.
  • If you are able to login to UC Rays (https://retirementatyourservice.ucop.edu), we HIGHLY RECOMMEND utilizing the secure messaging system to send in this form. This is the most reliable method of getting your Retirement Initiation packet to RASC employees.
  • The fax number to send forms is 1-800-792-5178, and should be used if you cannot access UC RAYS.
  • The RASC remains operational, albeit with remote operations, and can be called at 1-800-888-8267. Note: You will be prompted to leave a voicemail and they will respond to all voicemails as quickly as possible.

Remote Retirement Guide Final