University of California Retiree Survey Coming Soon!


Dear Retirees-

We will soon send you an email asking you to participate in a brief (15-minute) online survey of your activities and contributions since working at UC Davis. This survey is sponsored by the Council of UC Retiree Associations (CUCRA), local UC retirees associations and retiree centers. CUCRA advocates on behalf of all UC retired staff/non-senate academics.

Why participate?  The first survey of this kind was conducted in 2016 and resulted in a ground-breaking report highlighting achievements that UC retirees continue to make as volunteers, advocates, ambassadors, caregivers, artists and more.  The results from this survey will:

  • Enable CUCRA, its member retiree associations, and retiree centers to advocate more effectively on behalf of UC retirees.
  • Help the UC President's Office and campus and laboratory administrators better understand the contributions made by retirees to UC and the broader community.
  • Assist UC retirees associations and retiree centers create and improve upon programs for retirees.
  • Provide retirees with comprehensive information about their collective contributions and achievements.

How will the data be used?  The data will be distilled into a report for key administrators at the President’s Office and each campus and laboratory. The 2016 report is an excellent example: http://cucra.orc/survey.

Confidentiality: Your responses to this survey will be kept confidential.  Your identity will not be associated with your responses when the survey's findings are published.

If you have questions about the survey, please contact Kyle Urban at

We hope you will set aside a few minutes to complete this survey, which we believe will benefit UC retirees like you. Thank you for your participation.


Mike Chandler, President, UC Davis Retirees' Association

Kyle Urban, Director, UC Davis Retiree Center