Deanna Agneta

photo: Deanna Agneta

Position Title
Student Assistant

Retiree Center


Deanna Agneta began working as a student assistant at the Retiree Center in Fall 2013. Originally from Morgan Hill, CA, she chose UC Davis as her choice of college because of the hometown feel of the community and diverse range of academic and extracurricular opportunities. She entered UC Davis in the fall of 2012, planning to major in Animal Biology and minor in Anthropology and Forensic Entomology. Graduating in June 2017, she was accepted to Vet School, and is now a third-year graduate student in Veterinary Medicine.

Deanna loves working with people and becoming more involved with the community. She gained a great deal of experience through being a member of Girl Scouts for 19 years, and enjoys working at events put on for other members of the community. She is always open to learning and hopes to not only bring her skills and experience with her as she works at the Retiree Center, but to also gain more insight on community interactions and dedication of Davis as a whole.