Staff of the UC Davis Retiree Center

Becky Heard, Interim Director

Becky Heard


Becky Heard began her career at UC Davis as an executive assistant at the Primate Center. She later worked for many years at the Graduate School of Management in several different positions including bookkeeper, event planner and director of the Leadership Skills Program. Since 2012, Becky has served as the director of Parent and Family Programs, a unit of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association. In her role with Parent and Family Programs, Becky’s engages UC Davis families with campus programs and experiences while also providing them with resources and information that will help their student to thrive. With experience in managing a volunteer parent council, a volunteer ambassador program, and a passion for people and event planning, Becky is thrilled for the opportunity to work with retirees in this interim role.

Marjorie Ahl, Program Asst. (Karen Higgins/UC Davis)

Marjorie Ahl

Program Assistant

Marjorie Ahl came to the Retiree Center in 2007 as the Program Assistant. Growing up in Davis, she participated in campus activities. She also watched as her parents prepared for the Goose Stew, the Steak Bake, and many other activities of the Faculty Club. Working at the Retiree Center has allowed her to relive these happy memories.

As Program Assistant of the Retiree Center, Marjorie uses her strong computer skills to keep the office buzzing, provide administrative support to both the Retirees' and Emeriti Associations, and produce the public persona of the Retiree Center through mailings, emails, flyers, newsletters, and the website.

Deanna Agneta, Student Asst

Deanna Agneta

Student Assistant

Deanna Agneta began working as a student assistant at the Retiree Center in Fall 2013. Originally from Morgan Hill, CA, she chose UC Davis as her choice of college because of the hometown feel of the community and diverse range of academic and extracurricular opportunities. She entered UC Davis in the fall of 2012, planning to major in Animal Biology and minor in Anthropology and Forensic Entomology. Graduating in June 2017, she was accepted to Vet School, and is now a first year graduate student in Veterinary Medicine.

Although she is always working her way to her ultimate goal of attending veterinary school, Deanna loves working with people and becoming more involved with the community. She has gained much experience through being a member of Girl Scouts for 13 years, and enjoys working at events put on for other members of the community. She is always open to learning and hopes to not only bring her skills and experience with her as she works at the retiree center, but to also gain more insight on the community interactions and dedication of Davis as a whole.